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A bully and a killer

In mid-april, I bought three young "blood parrots" from my local fish store (I use quotation marks because the two that survived only have the blood parrot color and mouth, but a very regular cichlid body).  Within the first few months, as some may remember from my previous posts, the two that were related had killed my Piebald, Sophie.  Calcifer is the main aggressor, and STILL even bullies his little brother when the mood strikes him.  I decided to buy some darting fish for him, to maybe ease his aggressive behavior toward his brother, Green Tiger Barbs (recommended by the fish store).

Eek! a LEAK!!....

In the fishkeeping hobby, there are few things as feared or panic-inducing as discovery of a leak. Be it obvious and gushing, or not, the frustration of it can be disheartening... And this is how my dealing with one went:

One night--while bedside to my tank--I found water between the lower framing and the dresser-top the tank sits upon. Knowing how sloppy it's water-changes sometimes go, I simply mopped it up and thought nothing more of it.

Then it happened...


We have had our parrot cichlids for about 5  years and I've noticed that one of the fish has a very narrow mouth and has difficulty eating. We have tried flake food, blood worms and pellets and she (who knows if it is female) can't seem to suck in the food effectively. Anybody hav any thought on how to help her or what other foods we should try?




A Surprise While Laying [Eggs] In the [Moon] Rocks.

Well, it's been a rough few weeks since my last posting... 

Sherbet started bullying Zipper again, forcing me to remove Zipper for awhile. I then grew tired of seeing Zipper in that makeshift tank--made of a transparent storage container--and of the Iridescent Sharks as well, since all they did was swim in the corner with their noses against the glass. I wantedcto reintroduce Zipper, but I didn't want her to be nervous and always hiding, nor Sherbet to keep bullying Zipper.

It's then I realized what needed doing: Having to "break" them both!

A Surprise While Laying [Eggs] In the [Moon] Rocks.

A Surprise While Laying [Eggs] In the [Moon] Rocks.

The Return of Sherbet... And a Pairing!

For those of you whom haven't seen my videos thus-far, I will tell of what has occurred in my little community in the past two weeks.
My male Parrot Cichlid--Sherbet--had been showing off signs of aggression... Namely, attacking his own reflection in the tank's glass. I figured this as a sign that he needed a mate, and immediately got him one--Zipper, a female Parrot Cichlid that seemed barely older than another Parrot Cichlid female I once had that paired-off early.

Thinking of Adding A Flower Horn

Hello Mike,

Blood Parrot is floating upside down - Yikes!!!

For the last four days, my BP has been belly up in the tank (alive, btw). I rescued her from PetCo in August 2016. She was given to them as a fully grown BP by someone who was moving and couldn't take her with him. She was being kept in a plant tank at PetCo with ~65 degree water. THey said if you want her, take her. Anyway, she's been doing very well these past ~11 months. She's been iin a 55 gallon tank with 3 smaller tank mates.


Home-Movies Time!....

Hello again, fellow PCF-keepers!...

Nothing much to say, just here to share my long-lost and recently found videos of the examples of our beloved species I kept in the past... as well as ones recent. What follows is a link to one of YouTube videos I recently posted showing what-all I've only spoken of in past postings here, starting with the all-so-popuilar mating dance:


VERY sick fish. Please help me help her.

This is her before she became ill.  My sweetheart:

Here is a video of what she looks and acts like now:



My piebald blood parrot cichlid, Sophie, has become extremely sick.  She was being bullied in the 40 gallon breeder, and began to show black spots and almost neurological issues such as:

Re-Planing The Tank Set-Up... Again!

It never fails...

Just when I finish getting a fish-tank how I want it, I turn-around & find myself thinking about changing some part(s) or all of it... and today was no exception:

Which parrot to separate?



Gender Opinions? (Pictures included)

The blue eyed piebald is Sophie (I think female?)

The solid is Calcifer (Male?)

Calcifer has gone a bright peach on his underbelly, which seems to be male spawning colors from what I've read, and he's become very aggressive.  Sophie is a sweetheart and a homebody, tending to stay in the cave unless I offer to pet her.


SIDE NOTE:  Is it common for blood parrots to have those irridescant blue spots on their tails, or is it a sign of a different breed put into them?  Calcifer's have become SO blue and vibrant in the light.

Is 10 gallons ok temporarily?

Hi, we bought a baby parrot fish today as company for our adult, we took all the bogwood and caves out, rearranged them and popped the new fish in.  Sadly our original fish wouldn't leave the baby alone, she looked like she was trying to bite him (she hasn't caused any obvious injuries), it might be that she was just pushing him with her mouth, it was hard to tell but he was terrified, she was finding him everywhere he hid and chasing him out.  


Bought a third Blood Parrot, bullying ensued. D :

Okay, so I am completely new to keeping Blood Parrots (but I promise, I did my research beforehand don't you worry!).  I fell in love with them about six months ago, and have been waiting to find the ones who stick out to me.  A month ago, I finally found my babies.  They were at a pet store an hour away from home, in two seperate tanks.  One was a piebald, seperated and priced higher, and the other was regular with another blood parrot in with it.  Both only 2 inches or so.  I felt terrible for taking the remaining Blood Parrot's only tankmate, and worried about him constantly.


Verizon Introduces: Parrot Cichlids!

During the lead into the fourth commercial-break, while watching tonight's episode of "Scorpion", I rose to get a ginger-ale. As I turned back towards the T.V.-set, I catch sight of a young East-Asian man "mugging" for a photo with a Red Arrowana for his girlfriend, while walking-about an East-Asian city. (Don't ask me which)

Our 6 year old cichlid has stopped eating

I was doing my normal filter / water change-out when I found a slimy mess inside the unit.  I cleaned it and did the change-out.  Next day, the water was cloudy (that's a first) so I did another 50 percent change-out.  I checked the filter the next day and it was filthy but the water looked good....as does the fish!  But then I realized that the mess was due to his not eating.  The build up was unused food.  He was on a pellet that floats and I would give him the occasional peeled peas to prevent any swim bladder.  So, who knows how long he's gone without my noticing he was not eating.

A Trick Of The Light....

Well, I did it... Broke all the rules I preach, but I finally got myself a new Parrot Cichlid and placed him in a 10-gal tank at my bedside. And how couldn't I...?  When I spotted him, in that superstore's tank, he came up to the glass--as I touched it--and did that classic "Will you feed me?" wag-wag dance.

So-far, he's made one of my Moon-rocks as his new home. And feeding has gotten interesting... Soon as the flakes start to sink, he's in a race with the Tetra Glo-fish to get whatever he can. And winning!


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